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Farah Diba was born on October 14, 1938, in Tehran to Sohrab Diba
and Farideh Ghotbi. Her father was the Captain of the Imperial
Iranian Army. The Diba (Persian for "silk") family came from
Azerbaijan and the Ghotbi clan lived on the Caspian coast at Gila.
Farah Diba attended the Italian School in Tehran until she was
ten years old, when her father died of tuberculosis.
She learned French, was a Girl Scout, and finally went
on to demonstrate her artistic ability at the Ecole Speciale
d'Architecture in Paris. Her love for architecture would
continue throughout her later life.
The Iranian ambassador in France invited her and several
other Parisian colleagues to meet the Shah, there on a private visit.
She complained to the king that Iranian currency restrictions
made life for students abroad difficult. She repeated the
complaint a year later to Ardeshir Zahedi, the son-in-law to
the Shah by his first daughter Princess Shahnaz.
The Shah noted Farah as "amazing" and met her again, this time
over tea. The Shah proposed to Farah and she accepted.
They were married December 21, 1959 at the Marble Palace in Tehran.
Farah proved to be quite the childbearer and gave the Shah
four beautiful children. On October 31, 1960,
Crown Prince Cyrus Reza II Pahlavi was born. March 12,
1963 saw the birth of his younger sister
Princess Yasmina Farahnaz Pahlavi,
followed by Prince Alireza Pahlavi on April 28, 1966,
and Princess Leila Pahlavi on March 27, 1970.

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